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About Jonesy’s

Our Story

Jonesy’s Dairy Foods is all about providing a top quality product to our customers with a personalized touch. The quality of our milk is extremely high and is processed in accordance with strict industry standards resulting in a rich creamy texture we call milk.

The idea of being able to provide great tasting dairy products to the rest of the world and allowing others to taste these products is what fueled the humble beginnings of Jonesy’s Dairy Foods. Our products come with a guarantee ensuring they have not travelled the globe to reach you and will taste as rich and fresh as the day the product was made.


Our Team

Our team has been strategically assembled utilizing their various employment backgrounds to ensure sustainability of high quality milk, market growth and impeccable service to you the customer.

Our team consisting of several multilingual speakers enables us to quickly penetrate new markets, expand our networks and fuel creativity.


Our Farm

Our farms are located in Kerang (Northern Victoria) and Mt. Gambier (South Australia) and currently contain in excess of 1000 cows.

The farms are owned and operated by the Somerville family who are passionate and dedicated dairy farmers. All aspects of the cattle’s health and welfare are carefully monitored to ensure we produce milk of the highest quality in a sustainable manner.

We believe we have the happiest and most content dairy cows in the country.


Our Vision

Here at Jonesy’s, we want to be globally recognized as an exporter of exceptional Australian Dairy Products to the world.

Behind this brand is more than flesh, behind this brand exists ideas and these ideas are everlasting. Therefore, as our brand expands and the demand on our milk increases, we will be partnering with like-minded northern Victoria dairy farmers and invite them upon this magnificent journey.


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